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What’s your vision?

August 11th, 2009 Comments off

Proverbs 29:18 – “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Sometimes we have a vision to do something in our life, but when problems come that vision is quickly let go because we are only aware of what we are doing and the vision seems unattainable.  The verse above from the book of Proverbs (which by the way is an awesome book of wisdom and knowledge) doesn’t mean people will die because they have no vision, but rather they will live a life with no passion or direction.  Sounds kind of boring to me… I am a purpose driven person, and I have to see the purpose in things I do to be able to experience the joy of doing it.

But sometimes we need a bigger picture; a vision from God so you begin to see what God sees and not your own eyes.  When you receive a vision from God you’ll have a different perspective on what you are doing.  When your own visions seemed unattainable… God’s visions for you is attainable!  Though they may be quite large, it takes small steps at a time and hard work to reach it.  Suddenly we are driven by purpose and direction to reach this vision that God has given us, and that is why we do not give up on it so easily like our own visions.  It’s almost as if we’ve been commissioned by the President of the United States to take on a task.  Of course we will do our best!  The President just asked us to do something!  In the same way, visions that God gives you are so much more important than anything that the President asks of you, because the things you are doing fall into God’s plan for your life and others as well.  Christian leader says: “Vision, like courage and discipline, is a trait that can be developed by anyone willing to work hard at making it part of their every day life.”  It takes hard work and willingness to carry out God’s vision in your life!

I’ve recently had a vision that felt God showed me.  Actually it is quite a long story, but for those who don’t really know me, I help my church lead the Youth group.  Back in May, I gave this analogy during a sharing about being on fire for God.  It’s like a matchstick being lit.  But the whole analogy was more than that.  Matchsticks are so easy to catch fire, and they will burn rapidly for the first few seconds, but then slowly start to fade away.  It parallels to how Christians today catch a fire for God and burn so bright for Him, but only for a short time and soon burn out because of so much work or duties.  Then I began to share with the youth, what happens if multiple matchsticks were bonded together, and one of them catches fire…  They will all light up!  And not only that, their flame and light is so much greater than just one matchstick.  That was back in May…  About 3 weeks ago I had a prayer meeting, and I got this vision about people who were on fire for the Lord.  It wasn’t a clear picture that I could see, but it was like God talking to me through the prayers.  He was telling me there are those who are on fire for Him at my church, but they are individual fires by themselves, and could soon fade and die.  It was up to me to bring them together so they will burn brighter and stronger together…  When that happens, other people will catch the fire and begin to burn for God!  It’s quite funny how God uses my own teaching and says to me, “you taught it…now it’s time to actually DO it…”  I feel so on fire for Him right now, and the vision God gave me is to bring others on fire together so we can do something that this church has never seen before.

I’ll leave you all with a song that continues to speack to me.  It’s by the Jesus Culture band, written by Chris Quilala:  (If I can find a YouTube version, I’ll post it up)

Burning Ones

Here inside Your presence I’m taken by the wonder of You
Here inside Your glory we give our lives fully to You

And we cry Holy, Holy are You
 We cry Holy, Holy are You
Your Love it burns inside our hearts are satisfied by You
Your Love is all we want is why we ask for more of You
Holy, Holy are You
Our hearts are burning, burning for You
We are Your burning ones. We are consumed by You
We set our lives apart. We are consumed by You
So let this light be like a fire. Let our light be like a flame
Fill our souls with Your desire. Let our passion bring You fame

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Do Hard Things

July 28th, 2009 Comments off

I know I always try to start updating my site on a regular basis…and time and time again I get busy, overwhelmed and push this site aside.  For the most part, I’ve always updated this site about pointless things, but this time it will be different.  Why?  Because I am seeking to glorify God in everything I do now.  The past 2-3 months, I’ve grown so much with Him, and my change of heart for Him is slowly beginning to to produce such sweet fruit, and I’ve seen Him at work numerous times.

I’ve actually had the privilege to read another book, as much as I don’t really like reading or even have the time to read, but it is called Do Hard Things, by Alex and Brett Harris (yup Joshua Harris’ little twin brothers author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye.  While the book was meant for teenagers, these two brothers challenged me to become greatness for God, and become a rebelutionary.  Yup, The Rebelution is the movement that really came out of their ideas, and the book gives so many inspiring examples of other young ones doing big hard things that change how the world will view teenagers.

I’ve been even more blessed when I got to take some of our youth’s to the day conference put on by this movement in Orange County last Saturday, and I was really captivated by all the messages, and challenged even more.  To become greatness, I think that is what we are all meant to be…  Too often am I complacent about the things I do for God, and realize that I could have done SO much more for Him.  That thought makes me feel guilty in a way, but it also encourages me to something about it now.

After the conference we had this amazing awesome time of fellowship where we really got to discuss spiritual things and how we were to make permanent changes in our lives.  Most of the changes that came out will be difficult challenges for those people because it requires time and lots of effort.  But no longer will I expect very little of them, but set my expectations of them at God’s high standard, just like that has become mine.  I actually almost cried when I found out someone who went to the conference challenged someone who did not go to do devotions and write about their thoughts online, and that person already started…  That type of response is like a wild fire that spreads, a passion that I envision for all the youth at my church to “spur one another toward good deeds” (Hebrews 10:24).

For those of you who were at the fellowship (I’m not really sure how many of you actually read this since I don’t update it often), I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that I will use every ounce of strength in my body to encourage you and keep everyone of you accountable to the challenges you made for yourselves.  Actually, I feel my own challenge for myself was too complacent, which was to give up “Lakers” entirely.  For some, that may seem like a big thing but, to me, once I realize how much time I’ve wasted by watching games that don’t really benefit me at all, especially when my time is precious and I can be doing better things with it – doing hard things for God!  So, I’ve decided one way I can help encourage those who have challenged themselves, is to have someone (me) doing it along by their side.  What that basically means, is I am going to take on pretty much everyone’s challenges (except the ones I’m already doing).  So, I’ll be waking up extra early in the morning to read and do devotions (I was going to start today, but didn’t realize how long this post was going to take), and blog about it.  I will at least once a week post a blog about anything that happened during the week where God deserves all the glory (This post counts!).  I will be encouraging to everyone at church and not be complacent.  I will cut out all gossip.  I will take someone new out once a month and use that opportunity to evangelize.  You might be wonder, “Nick, you won’t have time!”  And my response to that would be you are probably right…  But seriously, I have to put myself in situations that require God’s power and hand to guide me, because if I’m always comfortable, I will never see God work.  My standard for myself is to be come like Jesus, and that is a standard that is so high and pretty much unattainable by anyone, but yet I will continue to strive for it…

Alright, thanks for reading!

What’s been happening with my life?

May 30th, 2007 Comments off

I realized I haven’t really posted anything relating to?what’s been going?on in my?life for a while now, for those of you who like get updates this way.

I’ve been super busy since the beginning of the year, since I was working, school (with a programming class), still involved?with the Youth?Ministry,?and I then took on the task of organizing and planning an english retreat for my church that I just came back from over Memorial Day Weekend.

I eventually had to quit work.??Although I was gaining great experience, and income to pay for school and the raising gas prices, it was affecting my school work, and more importantly my spiritual life.? I’ve been?focusing more time and energy with the Youth and the retreat planning in the past quarter and I have definitely seen God at work.

I guess I’ll share how the retreat went:
I planned the retreat along with my cousin Kimmie, and friend Lisa (all college students), as well as God (Could not have done it without his helping hand…), and I would have to say the retreat went great!? Everything came together so well, that I could just see God’s hand in it.

38 people went to Deersprings retreat site from Saturday, 26th – Monday, 28th.? The site had 3 different fully furnished cabins that could hold up to about 80 people comfortably, plus a?meeting room.??Laughing.? The view was absolutely amazing, and I couldn’t have asked God for better weather.

(View from the retreat)

We booked Daryl Watts to speak at the retreat, unfortunately he couldn’t stay?for the whole thing.? He spoke for three different messages: Increase Prayer, Be Like Christ, and Trusting In God.? If you want to listen to the sermons, you can visit the church page here.? You can also view more pictures of the retreat here.? Tony Jordan, a good friend of mine?spoke for the last message on evangelism, and reminded all of us that the harvest is plentiful, yet the workers are few.? Don’t get caught up in your everyday lives and remember our mission here on earth.

The neat thing about this retreat is that we didn’t plan it to be very activity based, but more of a place for our congregation to connect with each other by sharing and small groups.? I think they went well and everyone had something to share.? We still?had lots of fun like volleyball, group games, feeding the mini donkeys, llamas, and emus, as well as running away from them Laughing, arts and crafts, hackey sack, and just jamming with instruments that we brought up.

Well, that’s all I can really update on.? If you want more details ask anyone who went, I’m sure they’ll have lots of stories to tell you.? I pray that everyone who went has been impacted by this retreat, and their lives would reflect that impact.

I’ll leave you with our group photo:

Also, I’ll be going back home?this summer!? We are starting ANOTHER home project… We are going to remodel the kitchen, which will be well worth it.? See you NorCal-ers soon!

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