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21 Years Old

July 13th, 2006 Comments off

Doesn’t feel much different to be 21.? Anyways, here’s a belated update on my awesome birthday weekend!

Thursday, July 6th:
Happy Birthday to Me and Greg!? I flew back home in the morning. Went out to lunch with my parents, packed, and aroudn 2:30 left with family?to pick up my Dad at work.? From his work, we went straight to the Culinary Institute in Napa Valley.? There I tried not just my first wine…be four different wines!? Before you beomce concered if I have have drinking problems, which I don’t, the story is I asked the waiter what he recommended for a “first-time-drinker,” and he suggested a sample.? I thought ok, it’s just a sample of a little bit of wine so I agreed.? Little did I know, the sampler meant to sample 3 different types of wines!? There was one white wine, and 2 red wines, and I forgot the names of them.? Anyways, I tried all of them (including my dad’s – that’s where the 4th one comes in Tongue out).? I probably drank about half of one cup, and gave the rest to my parents and grandma.? Wine is an aquired taste, so I’ll just leave it at that…? Going back, the dinner was great! I also got a Nikon S6 (It’s sooooo beautiful!), and Greg got a video iPod.

?After dinner, we headed to Reno for yet another vacation.? Got there around midnight.? I guess that means I have to start a new day…

Friday, July 7th:
After we checked in the hotel, we went down to play slots for the first time!? We were at the nickel slots, and I kept winning small amounts.? Finally, we went up to our rooms to sleep.

Went to eat at another hotel for brunch.? I learned how to play roulette.? I doubled my money and then some!? Ok, I only won $23.50 (with $10 buy in).? After brunch went to Costco to get my 1gig SD card for my camera, and then Office Depot for a camera bag.? Went back to hotel and walked to Circus Circus with my sister and played some games there.

Went to watch Superman.? Originally wanted to watch Pirates of the Carribean, but it was sold out.? Went out to dinner, went back to hotel, and went to teach Greg to play roulette with parents.? After a little bit?I went back to Circus Circus, but?with Greg this time.

Saturday, July 8th:
Woke up and packed, went to breakfast and went back to Circus Circus with family, haha.? I think we lost more money there than gambling.? Anyways it was a good first experience.? Now that I have tried alcohol and gambling, I will probably never do them again.? We left back home aroun 12:30.

Sunday, July 9th:
Church for the worship service, and had to leave before sunday school to take care of some stuff.? Flew back to Pomona at 6. ?Frown? Sorry, no pics!? Even though I have a camera, I don’t have any pics hahaha.? I’ll try and get some from my sis and post them.? I signed up for a flickr account and planning to use their service to feed images to my site.

So that was my 21st birthday weekend.? Thanks to all those who called, left messages, imed me!

On another note: as you can see I changed my theme.? I think this one will be my permanent theme now.? I don’t have time to keep updating and changing the code to fit my needs with school and work and church activities.? The only thing I will change is the top.? It looks tooooo plain.? Alright much to do this weekend!? I’ll try to update as much as possible!

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June 22nd, 2006 2 comments

Hahah…I’m too lazy to post about Hawaii.? So go to my sister’s xanga to see….


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June 6th, 2006 Comments off

I’m done!? I’m glad finals are over…I’ve never studied that hard in my life for my finals(minus the part where I watched X-Men 3 on Sunday night).? I don’t think I did so well on 2 of them, but my final today on Business Law was pretty good.? Anyways, what’s done is done.

Can’t wait to go back home on Saturday…then HAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Then back to Pomona for summer session :(

It’s going to be crazy the next few weeks… good kind of crazy. Cool

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Vacation So Far

January 5th, 2006 Comments off

I should have updated earlier…

Anyways, ended school dec, 22nd @ 10:00. I’m only worried about one class because I have no idea what my grade is going to be. I need that class to get into a Cal Poly with at least a C. There’s a possibility I got a D or C, since I did pretty bad on many of the assignments :shock:. The fact that I got sick during finals week didn’t help either…

Right after I got home, packed up and left for LA. Yay! LA is always fun… First few days stayed at my Dad’s hotel in Torance since he was on a business trip. Ate a lot while in LA. Went to many dinners and my cousin’s 16th birthday party (Happy Birthday Christin! *Smile – Click*).

On Sunday morning (Christmas day), went with Uncle’s family to San Diego. Actually, we went to Mexico first! For like 5 minutes… We wanted to go to Tijuana for lunch so decided to park before the border and then walk over. Some how we missed the “Last USA Exit” (Really, it says that. I have to find a pic) and crossed the border. Since none of us except me have been to Mexico, and don’t speak fluent spanish we tried to go back to the US. Made some turns and ended up in a Sentri Lane which is NOT a lane you are supposed to be in. (It’s like a paid commuter lane to cross the border) Anyways didn’t have to wait the long lines that were going back to USA because the Sentri lane was free. They let us go with a warning, but we could have paid $10,000 in fines, or been stuck in Mexico with no cars for using the lane when not suppose to. (We had 2 cars $5,000 for each) Yikes! Thank God. The rest of the time in San Diego just walked around a lot, drove a lot, went to Coronado Island, and visited to USS Midway battleship.

Came back to LA on monday hung out with my cousins, had a whole sushi making day, played games (you have never played Pit the way we play it…), and movies!!! Drove back to SJ on Wednesday. My Aunt’s family also came up, along with CGBC for Tsunami. Went to their Hot Spot on thursday night after the evening session and watched them play. Did some recording in our home studio :cool:. Went to the Tech Museum, theres a cool robot at the entrance. Um, and ate a lot :grin: Played lots of PS2 and then it was over… Everyone left Sat 29th and the 31st :cry:.

This week – major clean up, and car maintanence.

Oh yeah…I added a cheap Ebay air intake to my Protege (sweet! much better throttle and acceleration) and a Mazdaspeed Sport Exhaust. Much better sound… and air flow :mrgreen: I’ll post pics sooner or never hehe

So in the past 2 weeks I have watched 15 movies:

The Chronicles of Narnia – Awesome
King Kong – Action Packed and long
The Notebook – It is not that sad Bryant…
March of the Penguins – They are really short…
Christmas with the Kranks – ok
Polar Express – Very nice movie. Graphics too
Memoirs of Geisha – A very slow movie
Stealth – Ahhhh!!!
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Weiiiiiirrrd. Esp. Johnny Depp
Herbie: Fully Loaded – eh
Bewitched – eh
Fantastic Four – Not bad…ended up watching it twice… in a row
*Forgot Sky High – ok
Just watched The Perfect Man – chick flick :wink:
and War of the Worlds – 2nd time watching it.

Man, you look forward to break, and when it comes you have so many things to you want to do, but you know you can’t do them all. Lots of house work needing to be done…

Alright time to sleep…Nite!

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LA – Palm Springs in a Very BIG Nut Shell

June 23rd, 2005 Comments off

*UPDATED 6-26-05
:shock:This is going to be a long entry (have been slowly working on it day by day) I will keep publishing a little bit at a time.:shock:

Friday and Saturday June 10th and 11th, 2005
Packed, cleaned, left house around 10:00. Tried to find a place that was still opened because we didn’t eat dinner. Finally wound up in Denny’s in Gilroy. Finished dinner and left for L.A. at 12:30. I was already tried and slept pretty much the whole way. Greg drove all the way before the “Grape Vines” and stoped at Petro at 3:30. We hung out there for an hour and Amy drove the rest of the way. We got to our aunts house at 6am and took a short nap till around 8. Then we all left to go to my cousins graduation at Cal Poly Pomona! :mrgreen: (Congrats Bui-jeh!)
The speaker said not to applaude or yell and such while they were calling names, but when my cousin’s name was called our whole family started yelling and blowing our aair horns, and popping poppers and all that good stuff. After the graduation we all went back to my aunts house for a celebration lunch. That was cool, took lots of pics. Helped cleaned up after it was over and played basketball for a while. Made these ridiculous shots from so far away. I have video for it, but can’t download to my computer…:cry: Anyways most of us “cousins” went out to BJ’s for dinner. Had a chocolate chip cookie pazooki! yummmmy… I think that was it for that day…

Sunday June 12th, 2005
Woke up around the time earthquake #1 happened. Got ready to goto CGBC left around 9:30 and watched their Youth Ensemble practice for youth sunday. Their youth sunday was put together very well…and all the youth did a very good job (they lead everything from ushers to speakers). You all should be proud of yourselves :smile:. After church was over Greg and my plans afterwards where changed at least 3 times in less than 10 minutes. We just got the lunch that CGBC provides and was quickly taken to go to Banana Bay for lunch with one of my uncles family and grandma. One of my cousins (his youngest daughter) was also baptized that day and that lunch was to celebrate that. Had some time to rest after lunch, and then went to another cousins piano recital. He i s an extremely talented piano player, and just going into high school. GOOD JOB RICHARD! :cool: After the recital pretty much my whole moms side of the family went to a sushi place called Little Tokyo minus one of my aunts family. :sad: The food there is great! Pretty cheap compared to SJ. This dinner was to celebrate every occasion that was happening… (Graduations(4), baptism, recital, and anniversary). After the dinner went back to my aunts house and that’s pretty much it.

[UPDATE – sorry going to do the rest in short descriptions]

Palm Springs stayed at a resort called Palm Canyon.
First day, played volleyball at gym, swam, then went cruizin around Palm Springs. wound up at the Marriot that “Saved by the Bell” did a few episodes at. That resort was soooooooooooo nice! Took the boat ride to Lake View (restaurant) then back to our resort to play some pool.
Second day went to the atv site to check it out, decided to come back later. Cruized around more, and wound up at the Veggie Tea House for lunch. After lunch, went to the nearby theater to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith. After the movie went to Cold Stones and cooled off. It was HOT! Went shopping for groceries, and went back to the resort to cook dinner and rest, watch tv, and slept early.
Third day woke up ealry, went out to IHOP’s for breakfast, and then went ATVing! That was sooooo fun! Have some video too :mrgreen:. After ATVing went to Costco and back to the resort to play volleyball in the gym. Went back to the room and rested again and then we went out to dinner to try Brazillian food at Picanha. Pretty interesting way to eat, they bring out many types of meat and ask if you want it. They give you a piece or slice and its all you can eat. After dinner, cruized around a bit more before heading back to the resort. Watched more tv and rested again and finally crashed :smile:.
Last day (Thursday morning) cooked breakfast at our room, and left/ checked out aroung 10:30. Drove up the mountian to the famous Palm Springs Arieal Tramway. Took lots of pics, and back on our way to L.A. Oh yea, first time seeing road runner birds. Smaller than I thought, but got on pic of that. If thre’s anything you want in more detail, just ask me :lol:

Back in L.A. ….
Went to Costco to buy aunt a present, and the Pho for lunch. (We were all kinda of sick and needed some soup :neutral: That’s were we felt earthquake #4. (#2 and 3 were in norther Cal. with the tsunami warning). Went back to aunts house. Again attempted some crazy shots on cousins b-ball hoop… and this time recorded them! Hopefully i can show you all videos soon :lol:. Then went to dinner with almost whole side of moms family. Then went to uncle’s house, and back to aunts house to sleeeeeeeeep :wink:.

Friday June 17th, 2005
Went out to breakfast with cousins and spent the day with them :cool:. Went to Rose Hills (cemetery) to visit grandfather, and other relatives. You can see pictures of that in the gallery. Went to lunch at Olive Garden, and then to uncle’s house, then to otherr uncle’s house said goodbyes :cry: to almost everyone… Then went to other aunts house who lives near Manhattan Beach for dinner with them.

Saturday June 18th, 2005
Last breakfast at aunts house and left around 10. Ran into some major traffic coming home, but its ok… got home safetly. Stopped off at Harris Ranch for lunch. Got home around 5. And that marks the end of our vacation and visit to L.A. :sad:

During this whole trip, i didn’t drive once :oops: (except for ATVing)

That’s all you can look at pictures now, if they don’t make sense ask me :lol:

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