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Phileo Camping Trip

August 18th, 2005 Comments off

Where to begin… soo much to say, but I probably will only end up writing about 10% of what I want to say.

God definitely had a hand in this trip from things just coming together perfectly. First off, want to thank Amy T. and Matt for planning the majority of this trip. They did an awesome job! :grin: Amy Y. who planned perfectly for the food on the trip. No leftovers (after everyone took something home, but still! hahah) Good food too! And to Dc. Sam who drove the huge church van down to the camp site.

So the first day, all met up at church, packed the cars (weird weather cuz it was lightly raining), and then went to the Albertson’s plaza near church for lunch. Was listening to an interesting convo about comics and if superman could kill batman. Finally left to Manresa beach! I was driving the truck, kind of scary because I couldn’t see out the rear view mirror, but the drive was ok, no traffic and got the camp site pretty quick. Unloaded all the luggage/equipment and setup all the tents and canopy’s. Then we all gathered into our teams, made team names/cheers/and handshakes. Killer BEEZzz! Haha…you will be able to see videos of all the teams soon. I PROMISE! Then we headed to the beach! The weather kinda sucked because it was very cold, and no sun :sad:, but some went in still…ahem :wink:. A lot of us just stood at the shore getting our feet and legs wet. Haha Ronald Derek and I tried to see who could go in the ocean the farthest, of course I got all wet cuz I’m short… Anyways there was a group in a circle drawing in the sand. I think they were playing pictionary, and I came over and stood next to Greg. I looked out to the ocean, and I saw a huge wave coming in, and I knew it was the perfect moment… so I waited till the water came close to where Greg was, and then…. I tripped him. Hahaha ya, I know I’m a bad brother, but I told Greg before we went on the camping trip I was going to push him into the ocean. So he had a good warning…. hahahahahahahaha. After that, just threw a frisbee around until we went back up to the camp site. First dinner had chicken, spaghetti, and bread. After dinner, had our first meeting time. Had the freshman (and PH too!) do a cool game. Have videos of that too. Amy taught on chapter 6 on Stop Dating the Church. Then discussion groups. Even though were we are all tired, I thought our group still had a pretty good discussion time. After discussion time, I crashed. I didn’t even hear anyone else in my tent come in, and they slept much later than I.

Tuesday morning, woke up around 6:15 and started to prepare for breakfast cuz the Killer Beezzz were cooking. :mrgreen: Made pancakes, scrambled and boiled eggs, and sausages. Major props to Katherine who made pretty much all the pancakes. After breakfast, a little cleanup, devo, and packed lunch and prepared for the beach. At the beach had our second meeting. Worship was refreshing. Learned a fun new song, the Papaya Song. Matt gave a great concluding lesson on chapter 7. Had a great discussion time after the lesson. Ate lunch while others were burying Matthew and Elliot. Took group picture. Had sand castle contest. Our team made an appropriate bee hive with a huge bee and smaller hives and smaller bees. After the contest had relay races against the other teams. Many, many of us got wet. That’s when Greg tried to push me in. I did fall into the water, but my upper body didn’t go all the way in. He tried to get me again, but I saw him and we wrestled a little until we both fell. This time I saw a wave coming so I quickly got up and Greg got “owned” by the wave. Once again I did not go all the way in :mrgreen:. After a little bit, Ronald was going into the ocean, and Nate was going to push him in, but didn’t and told me to, so I ran as fast as I could (cuz I thought he was going to turn around any sec) and I actually jumped and tackled him in. (I hope I didn’t hurt you Ronald!) I got drenched, and after that, I was soooooooooooooooooo cold. The water wasn’t cold, but standing outside with the wind, I was shivering. But went back in to boogie board with Ronald. After 5 minutes tho we quit cuz it was so cold! After we setup the volleyball net and played volleyball. The mods that I made for the volleyball net worked perfectly! Like the net stayed up the entire time we played. (The net was not made for sand). Last year the net kept falling, but this year nice and tight. :cool:. After volleyball packed up and headed back up for dinner. Ate short ribs, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and salad! That was a good dinner :wink:. Our team was up for clean up, and then we gathered for worship time and later camp fire made smores and had sharing. After the sharing most of us stayed up late just talking. Haha, I tried. I sat near the fire to warm up but after 20 minutes I was falling asleep in my chair, until suddenly, this bright light blinds my eyes (haha, I won’t say what it was…) I went to bed after that. I don’t even know what time I slept.

Wednesday morning I got to sleep in a little bit. Woke up around 7:30 and tried to start a fire with the one log that didn’t burn from the campfire the previous night. We ended up burning a lot of trash and lamp oil that was long enough to keep us warm. Breakfast has cereal, and muffins. After did devo, and started to pack up my stuff. Then we all tore down and packed up the camp site. and loaded all the luggage into the vans. When I went to go get the truck, I couldn’t start it! The battery had died cuz one of the lights in the back was on (must have been from unloading). I though no big deal, thankfully I brought our jumper cable, and asked Greg to bring up the Montana so we could jump start the truck. When we got it all hooked up I turned the key, but the engine still didn’t start. Like you could hear the starter cranking, but the engine didn’t start. We thought maybe the van’s battery wasn’t powerful enough to start the truck, so we asked Dc. Sam to bring up the church van. Tried a couple of time, but still no go. Funny thing is, I wasn’t worried, and somehow knew that God would provide. Finally Greg opened the air valve for the throttle a couple times and I tried starting the truck, and viola! It started! Even though I have to keep accelerating while in idle, we packed up the truck, prayed and headed back to CBCSJ. On 17 there was road construction and lots of traffic. It was stop and go traffic, and I was more worried about the dying on the freeway than when we couldn’t start it. Again, God provided a safe trip back to CBCSJ. Went out to Sonoma Chicken Coop for lunch. Man, I was sooo exhausted from the drive, I barely talked during lunch, and ate sooo slowly. Had a good time though just listening to convo‚????s, and enjoying the yummy food. Went back to CBCSJ to unload, and we all went our separate ways :cry: and that marked the end of the trip. We actually didn’t get home till around 4:30 cuz of traffic and making sure everyone had a ride. Anyways came home, didn’t even unload the cars, took a nice HOT shower, and slept.

I will give CD’s of pictures to everyone in Phileo and those who want them. They will actually contain ALL photos that I have since 2003. If you have pictures from Phileo and want to include them in this CD, please find a way to give it to me. If you have this camping trip pics please tell me. E-mail me or IM me.:cool:

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Operation Jeep

July 16th, 2005 Comments off

[Edit] Current Status: Bad engine is out of the red jeep, we cleaned the engine bay so now it looks sooo nice :mrgreen:, and Greg my dad and I (I decided to help since it was sooo hot…)pulled out the engine in the white jeep and put it in the red one. Dad got one of those canopy’s (which helped enormously… and one of those misters. :razz:. Anyways, now we have to hook everything up and see if it works!:lol: [/Edit] So the last few days, been working in the HOT heat with bro trying to swap the engines of our two Jeeps. Here are some pics. jeep/ On different note, yesterday Phileo led the children’s program! That was fun haha… got to make the freshman do stuff, and had a fun time playing with the kids. During the lesson, a few of us (I will not mention their names!) TPied the seniors cars! Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah (according to Matt, the more haha’s you put the more you are really laughing or think its funny) That was an unforgettable experience since it was my first time ever doing something like that. I felt so bad, but it was so fun! We ended helping them clean it up… What took us an hour to TP and saran wrap their cars took a mere 5 minutes to clean up… Anyways, pics and video (you’ll get to see the culprits…) coming soon! For now study time!!!

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Weekend Update

June 1st, 2005 1 comment

Haha… kinda late but oh well..

Thursday – Ended school around 11:40. Came home and started to clean up the house. Went out to sushi :mrgreen: mmmmm…. and then came home and trimmed the bushes outside. Marinated the meat for Friday’s BBQ. .. and then sleep

Friday – More clean up, moved a lot of furniture around, cleaned up the baackyard a little, and changed water in fish tank. Then around 5 people started coming over for our Phileo BBQ/ Grill/ Hotpot night. That turned out well… lots of food! Lots of peoples too :grin:. Pictures will be posted on the phileo site soon. After the BBQ cleaned up, and most everyone stayed and hung out till around 11 and then started leaving. Played a coupe video games… we have some great footage of people playing AntiGrav…. and just talked… Nate Kristen and Alison stayed longer to chat and play Zelda and the super old NES system :lol:. Time sure went by fast cuz when they left it was around 4am in the morning! Good times… I didn’t mind staying up so late, but I was sooo tired….I went straight to bed afterward they left :grin:.

Saturday – Woke up around 10:30. Family decided to go on a mini family vacation and we decided Monterey Bay. Drove down and got there around 3ish (stopped for lunch at Mimi’s Cafe in Gilroy) We wanted to go to the Aquarium, but it wasn’t worth it to go for about 2 hours before closing time, so we just walked along Cannery Row (i think it was) for a while. Then went to Bubba Gump for dinner. That place was cool! You should go if you have a chance… and can get in… Pics for this will be up soon as well…

Sunday – Church. Sunday school was pretty fun. Had a jepordy like game to review Joshua – Ruth. After church went out to eat and then came home and washed our Jeep and truck. Ate dinner while watching Ocean’s Twelve. It was okay, but not as clever as the first one… which btw Greg and I also happened to find and watch right after twelve.

Monday – Was suppose to go to a BBQ for church, but spent time with family again since we rarely get to do that anymore. We decided to watch Star Wars! hahah yup… Got to the movie theater around 10:30 and the box office wasn’t even opened yet. We were expecting a loooooooonnnnnngg line since memorial weekend, but barely anyone was there! Haha…so we wer able to get in without a problem… After Star Wars 3, we just had to see 4, and 5, and yup, 6 too! So came home and watched the “Special Edition” trilogy on our awesome LASERDISC set… (I’m being sarcastic… remember those huge dics???) That pretty much took the whole day… and it was sooo tiring just watching movies… So the only one we haven’t seen lately is episode 1. We saw 2 a week before on TV.

Tuesday – Spent the entire day washing the Protege, and changed the oil. Greg and I haven’t even finished cleaning the inside, but man…the car is soooo shiny i want to cry…:cry:

Ok that’s it…:mrgreen:

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