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The End of an Era!

July 6th, 2007 Comments off

Yup… the end of Greg’s long hair has finally come to an end… I think the heat got to him….? It is still not as short as mine, but it is MUCH MUCH shorter than he usually cuts it.? Sorry,?you can’t really see his shaved head?anyways.? So without further ado:

BTW:? We don’t look like this, we are just extremely tired from all the kitchen work.? Greg’s starting to to get crossed eyed because he is focusing on hitting nails too hard, while I’m still astonised that greg let me shave his head Surprised.

Anyways, so much has happened!?

After?dropping off my mom and sister at the departure drop off lane at SJO Airport, our van just decided it didn’t want to start.? Fine, we fought back by calling in the courtesy service car to jump our van, but for some reason the van just didn’t want to start.? After about 30 minutes of the guy trying to figure out why, the Airport Traffic attendant kindly asked us to get our van towed ASAP, or else the police will impound it…? So we rushed to get a tow truck out and tow our truck back to our house.? (The attendent was actually super nice about it…man a?car that won’t start at the airport is just about the worst place for your car to break down…)? Anyways, the tow truck came and pulled it on teh bed.? The tow truck only had one seat for a passenger, yet there were three of us: me , my dad, and my bro.? So we all had to squish in there for about a 30 minute ride.? When we got to our house, my butt and legs were so sleepy, i fell down to the ground as I was getting out.? The tow truck driver was actually pretty nice.? I felt bad for him because he was suppose to go home, but his company made him tow our car and off-set his schedule by an hour to an hour and a half.? We gave him some extra tip in the end though.? That was a little fiasco on Tuesday…

Watched Transformers!!!? IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!? I won’t ruin it, but GO WATCH IT NOW!? I’m not really a hardcore fan, but saw it opening day, and what was really weird is Greg and I were the first one’s in the waiting line for our showing since we were like an 1 hour early.? We were expecting a much longer line…? Oh well, we got good seats. =)

Also saw Fantastic 4, nothing compared to Transformers, but worth mentioning. haha

Alright…I’m done for today.

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June 6th, 2006 Comments off

I’m done!? I’m glad finals are over…I’ve never studied that hard in my life for my finals(minus the part where I watched X-Men 3 on Sunday night).? I don’t think I did so well on 2 of them, but my final today on Business Law was pretty good.? Anyways, what’s done is done.

Can’t wait to go back home on Saturday…then HAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Then back to Pomona for summer session :(

It’s going to be crazy the next few weeks… good kind of crazy. Cool

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Vacation So Far

January 5th, 2006 Comments off

I should have updated earlier…

Anyways, ended school dec, 22nd @ 10:00. I’m only worried about one class because I have no idea what my grade is going to be. I need that class to get into a Cal Poly with at least a C. There’s a possibility I got a D or C, since I did pretty bad on many of the assignments :shock:. The fact that I got sick during finals week didn’t help either…

Right after I got home, packed up and left for LA. Yay! LA is always fun… First few days stayed at my Dad’s hotel in Torance since he was on a business trip. Ate a lot while in LA. Went to many dinners and my cousin’s 16th birthday party (Happy Birthday Christin! *Smile – Click*).

On Sunday morning (Christmas day), went with Uncle’s family to San Diego. Actually, we went to Mexico first! For like 5 minutes… We wanted to go to Tijuana for lunch so decided to park before the border and then walk over. Some how we missed the “Last USA Exit” (Really, it says that. I have to find a pic) and crossed the border. Since none of us except me have been to Mexico, and don’t speak fluent spanish we tried to go back to the US. Made some turns and ended up in a Sentri Lane which is NOT a lane you are supposed to be in. (It’s like a paid commuter lane to cross the border) Anyways didn’t have to wait the long lines that were going back to USA because the Sentri lane was free. They let us go with a warning, but we could have paid $10,000 in fines, or been stuck in Mexico with no cars for using the lane when not suppose to. (We had 2 cars $5,000 for each) Yikes! Thank God. The rest of the time in San Diego just walked around a lot, drove a lot, went to Coronado Island, and visited to USS Midway battleship.

Came back to LA on monday hung out with my cousins, had a whole sushi making day, played games (you have never played Pit the way we play it…), and movies!!! Drove back to SJ on Wednesday. My Aunt’s family also came up, along with CGBC for Tsunami. Went to their Hot Spot on thursday night after the evening session and watched them play. Did some recording in our home studio :cool:. Went to the Tech Museum, theres a cool robot at the entrance. Um, and ate a lot :grin: Played lots of PS2 and then it was over… Everyone left Sat 29th and the 31st :cry:.

This week – major clean up, and car maintanence.

Oh yeah…I added a cheap Ebay air intake to my Protege (sweet! much better throttle and acceleration) and a Mazdaspeed Sport Exhaust. Much better sound… and air flow :mrgreen: I’ll post pics sooner or never hehe

So in the past 2 weeks I have watched 15 movies:

The Chronicles of Narnia – Awesome
King Kong – Action Packed and long
The Notebook – It is not that sad Bryant…
March of the Penguins – They are really short…
Christmas with the Kranks – ok
Polar Express – Very nice movie. Graphics too
Memoirs of Geisha – A very slow movie
Stealth – Ahhhh!!!
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Weiiiiiirrrd. Esp. Johnny Depp
Herbie: Fully Loaded – eh
Bewitched – eh
Fantastic Four – Not bad…ended up watching it twice… in a row
*Forgot Sky High – ok
Just watched The Perfect Man – chick flick :wink:
and War of the Worlds – 2nd time watching it.

Man, you look forward to break, and when it comes you have so many things to you want to do, but you know you can’t do them all. Lots of house work needing to be done…

Alright time to sleep…Nite!

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Weekend Update

June 1st, 2005 1 comment

Haha… kinda late but oh well..

Thursday – Ended school around 11:40. Came home and started to clean up the house. Went out to sushi :mrgreen: mmmmm…. and then came home and trimmed the bushes outside. Marinated the meat for Friday’s BBQ. .. and then sleep

Friday – More clean up, moved a lot of furniture around, cleaned up the baackyard a little, and changed water in fish tank. Then around 5 people started coming over for our Phileo BBQ/ Grill/ Hotpot night. That turned out well… lots of food! Lots of peoples too :grin:. Pictures will be posted on the phileo site soon. After the BBQ cleaned up, and most everyone stayed and hung out till around 11 and then started leaving. Played a coupe video games… we have some great footage of people playing AntiGrav…. and just talked… Nate Kristen and Alison stayed longer to chat and play Zelda and the super old NES system :lol:. Time sure went by fast cuz when they left it was around 4am in the morning! Good times… I didn’t mind staying up so late, but I was sooo tired….I went straight to bed afterward they left :grin:.

Saturday – Woke up around 10:30. Family decided to go on a mini family vacation and we decided Monterey Bay. Drove down and got there around 3ish (stopped for lunch at Mimi’s Cafe in Gilroy) We wanted to go to the Aquarium, but it wasn’t worth it to go for about 2 hours before closing time, so we just walked along Cannery Row (i think it was) for a while. Then went to Bubba Gump for dinner. That place was cool! You should go if you have a chance… and can get in… Pics for this will be up soon as well…

Sunday – Church. Sunday school was pretty fun. Had a jepordy like game to review Joshua – Ruth. After church went out to eat and then came home and washed our Jeep and truck. Ate dinner while watching Ocean’s Twelve. It was okay, but not as clever as the first one… which btw Greg and I also happened to find and watch right after twelve.

Monday – Was suppose to go to a BBQ for church, but spent time with family again since we rarely get to do that anymore. We decided to watch Star Wars! hahah yup… Got to the movie theater around 10:30 and the box office wasn’t even opened yet. We were expecting a loooooooonnnnnngg line since memorial weekend, but barely anyone was there! Haha…so we wer able to get in without a problem… After Star Wars 3, we just had to see 4, and 5, and yup, 6 too! So came home and watched the “Special Edition” trilogy on our awesome LASERDISC set… (I’m being sarcastic… remember those huge dics???) That pretty much took the whole day… and it was sooo tiring just watching movies… So the only one we haven’t seen lately is episode 1. We saw 2 a week before on TV.

Tuesday – Spent the entire day washing the Protege, and changed the oil. Greg and I haven’t even finished cleaning the inside, but man…the car is soooo shiny i want to cry…:cry:

Ok that’s it…:mrgreen:

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