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When your faith feels shaky (Part 1 and 2)

August 19th, 2009 Comments off

“If you…believe in your heart…you will be saved.” – Romans 10:9
“Reach out…stop doubting and believe.” – John 20-25-27

Have you ever questioned your faith?  Maybe you don’t feel like your faith is strong enough or maybe you wonder why God doesn’t talk to you or answer your prayers.  Doubt is something all Christians will face at one point or another.  Sometimes we can see God in a tangible way, and sometimes we can’t, but seeing God in tangible ways doesn’t save us, it is still faith…  Let’s say you happened to be dying of cancer, and prayer warriors prayed for complete healing, and God answers their prayer.  You’ve just received God’s love in a tangible way and while you are not saved because of healing, it causes you to believe in a greater power, because you begin to realize how BIG He really is. 

In fact, let’s think about the Israelites for a moment.  God rescued them and delivered them out of slavery in Egypt, parted the Red Sea (that would have been some sight to see), gave them just enough manna each day in the desert, delivered their enemies into their hands, won battles that seemed impossible, and so many more miracles!  But most importantly, they knew when God was with them because His presence came in a form of a cloud that rested over the tabernacle and fire as well, so He WAS somewhat visible in a tangible way…  Even after God practically did miracle after miracle, and His presence was among His chosen people…many didn’t truly believe that He was really God.  They turned their backs on Him multiple times, and it’s no wonder God became angry at them and punished them so many times….because of their unbelief.  I mean think about it, they just witnessed the Red Sea split into two…and right after they began to complain and said they would rather be slaves than out in the desert… 

Another example would be the disciple Thomas, who wouldn’t believe that Jesus had risen unless He saw Jesus for himself with his own eyes… (Thus nick-named “doubting Thomas”).  Just like the Israelites saw God perform all those miracles, and Thomas had seen Jesus throughout His entire ministry (many miracles), he still didn’t quite believe Jesus rose from the dead (like Jesus said He would), and wanted to see Him with his own eyes…  He doubted his faith

So even IF God chooses to heal cancer, or reveal Himself in any other forms of miracles, it won’t necessarily cause us to believe in Him (but it certainly does help).  And sometimes we are like doubting Thomas, where we won’t believe unless we see it for ourselves.  That’s why faith is sooooooo important, because if we wait for miracles to happen in our lives, or want to see it with our own eyes, faith will never be built up.  In fact why should we even question God’s will… He thinks on such a BIGGER picture, and we think we can really know what God’s will is?!?!  The bottom line is, that you only need to have faith in one person and that is God.  If you truly believe Jesus is your savior, and that He died for your sins and rose again, know for SURE that you are saved.  So stop doubting and believe!

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