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Tough Love

July 30th, 2009 Comments off

Luke 23:34 – “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Isn’t it amazing that while Jesus was up on the cross, in excruciating pain, prayed to the Father to ask for forgivness for the soldiers who were about to mock Jesus, for the rulers who didn’t believe, and one of the criminals being crucified alongside Jesus that despised Him.  The most surprising fact is He prayed for them BEFORE the series of humulitation and mocking were described in the Bible.

The more I look into the life of Jesus, the more and more I realize that He IS the ultimate/perfect example for use to follow.  It is important to note He did everything in His ministries as a man, a being made of flesh who experiences the same thoughts, tempatations, hurts, emotions, pain, weaknesses, etc. as we do.  And yet, His life is still spotless and shows us how we should live our daily lives.

For me, loving others usually comes easy, because I am just so darn nice :wink: !  I haven’t really experienced someone who abuses me, or treats me like trash, and I am most thankful to God for that.  But, that doesn’t mean that people who come into my life in the future won’t be so easy going and friendly.  That only encourages me to pray for them now just like Jesus prayed prior to receiving abuse.  I need to constantly prepare my heart to produce tough love for when the time comes so that I will be able to forgive them, because I’ll know they are in bondage to sin and they need my light to shine in the dark areas of their lives, and need the LOVE of God to transform them!

What’s been happening with my life?

May 30th, 2007 Comments off

I realized I haven’t really posted anything relating to?what’s been going?on in my?life for a while now, for those of you who like get updates this way.

I’ve been super busy since the beginning of the year, since I was working, school (with a programming class), still involved?with the Youth?Ministry,?and I then took on the task of organizing and planning an english retreat for my church that I just came back from over Memorial Day Weekend.

I eventually had to quit work.??Although I was gaining great experience, and income to pay for school and the raising gas prices, it was affecting my school work, and more importantly my spiritual life.? I’ve been?focusing more time and energy with the Youth and the retreat planning in the past quarter and I have definitely seen God at work.

I guess I’ll share how the retreat went:
I planned the retreat along with my cousin Kimmie, and friend Lisa (all college students), as well as God (Could not have done it without his helping hand…), and I would have to say the retreat went great!? Everything came together so well, that I could just see God’s hand in it.

38 people went to Deersprings retreat site from Saturday, 26th – Monday, 28th.? The site had 3 different fully furnished cabins that could hold up to about 80 people comfortably, plus a?meeting room.??Laughing.? The view was absolutely amazing, and I couldn’t have asked God for better weather.

(View from the retreat)

We booked Daryl Watts to speak at the retreat, unfortunately he couldn’t stay?for the whole thing.? He spoke for three different messages: Increase Prayer, Be Like Christ, and Trusting In God.? If you want to listen to the sermons, you can visit the church page here.? You can also view more pictures of the retreat here.? Tony Jordan, a good friend of mine?spoke for the last message on evangelism, and reminded all of us that the harvest is plentiful, yet the workers are few.? Don’t get caught up in your everyday lives and remember our mission here on earth.

The neat thing about this retreat is that we didn’t plan it to be very activity based, but more of a place for our congregation to connect with each other by sharing and small groups.? I think they went well and everyone had something to share.? We still?had lots of fun like volleyball, group games, feeding the mini donkeys, llamas, and emus, as well as running away from them Laughing, arts and crafts, hackey sack, and just jamming with instruments that we brought up.

Well, that’s all I can really update on.? If you want more details ask anyone who went, I’m sure they’ll have lots of stories to tell you.? I pray that everyone who went has been impacted by this retreat, and their lives would reflect that impact.

I’ll leave you with our group photo:

Also, I’ll be going back home?this summer!? We are starting ANOTHER home project… We are going to remodel the kitchen, which will be well worth it.? See you NorCal-ers soon!

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