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November 30th, 2005 3 comments

0 more days of school

My EX-To Do List

12/04/05 – ASTRO Lab – Lab Report #12
12/06/2005 – ENGL 1B – In-Class Essay #2
12/12/2005 – Astro Lab – Lab Report #13
12/12/2005 – ENGL 1C – Rough Draft Paper #4 (100%)
12/13/2005 – ECON – Problem Set #3
12/13/2005 – ENGL 1B – English Research Paper 1st Draft (100%)
12/14/2005 – ETH – Writting Response #8 (100%)
12/14/2005 – ENGL 1C – Peer edit 3 papers
12/16/2005 – ENGL 1C – Final Paper #4 (100%)
12/19/2005 – ETH – Wrtting Response #9 (100%)
12/19/2005 – ASTRO Lab – Lab Report #14 (100%)
12/19/2005 – ASTRO – Extra Credit Presentation
12/19/2005 – ASTRO Lab – Lab Report #15
12/20/2005 – ECON – Essay Exam
12/20/2005 – ENGL 1B – Reading Assignment
12/20/2005 – ENGL 1B – In-Class Essay #3
12/20/2005 – ENGL1B ???? Rewrite Essay (100%)
12/20/2005 – ENGL 1B – Research Paper (100%)
12/21/2005 – ETH – Written Family History Project (100%)
12/21/2005 – ASTRO – Research Paper (100%)
12/21/2005 – ASTRO – Final
12/21/2005 – ETH – Final In-Class Essay
12/22/2005 – ECON – Final Exam


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November 23rd, 2005 Comments off

I can’t believe there is only 4 weeks of school left. That sounds like a lot, but it seems like yesterday I started school.

Well, I’m glad the hardest weeks are over! :mrgreen:
Had two midterms and finished my paper just ten minutes ago

Now I’m looking at 3 term papers, 2 more essays, and then finals… Haha, this never ends…

Current Pages I have written since this semester started:
73 pages :shock:
expecting at least 25 more pages for the last essays and term papers…

A word of advice, never take two english classes together, unless you like to write a lot.

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No AIM for me again!

September 27th, 2005 1 comment

Man, only the 3rd week of school and already sooo behind. Once again, I am not going on AIM (unless needed to), and games for a while…so if you want to see how my life is going, you can check here. I’ll try and update short posts often. Or e-mail me.

I have at least 3 papers due every week (Around 2 pages each), plus essays (about 4 due every month 4 to 5 pages each), and then reading for my online class takes sooo long… Hmmm…don’t mean to complain, but taking 6 classes is hard. I was actually thinking about working, but not anymore…

So now you know what I have been, and will be up to this semester.

BTW NEVER EVER EVER go back to CRT monitors if you have had an LCD! My eyes hurt…

Back to writing!

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Time to Update

September 6th, 2005 Comments off

I guess I should update since I haven’t for a long time.

So things that I have worked on the past few weeks:

Greg and I totally stripped the white Jeep, saving all the parts and stuff. If you ever want to learn how to fix a car, take it apart… We basically saved all the good parts to be switched to our other Jeep. I have pics but too lazy to post them up… maybe later…
We then worked on transfering some of the parts to the red Jeep. So far we re-did the headliner (the fabric was sagging like all old cars), switched the front bumber to the nice chrome one, switched seats, added the top console and wires, and added the back windshield wiper. The Jeep is now put back together and “complete” for now. We will be adding the power windows and power door locks, (which means have to wire the whole car), and adding the tow package from the white Jeep.

Ok enough about the Jeep. Next we put in the two biggest windows (finally). Those two windows caused us a lot of trouble, and finally got them delivered. Added the frames and primed them, so looks ok now. Still have tons more to do to actually complete the whole window job, but at least the major windows are in and can notice a huge difference already. :mrgreen:

We got a Total Gym 1700 Club, so now we’ve all been working out :lol: I can feel the burn…

Um, started school today… only had two classes and this semester already looks heavy. Have 3 more classes to goto.

Not much else to say…tired like always..

BTW, when gallery2 comes out, I will be updating my site’s look.


May 26th, 2005 1 comment

YAY!!! Done with school!!! although i’ll be back in summer school in a couple of weeks :cry:

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