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Reflections from Haiti (Day 4)

May 20th, 2010

God answered all of our team members prayers on the forth day because the weather the day before was making the working conditions extremely difficult.  The forth day weather was a lot cooler and more overcast, so we were able to get a lot more work done and be more efficient.  We still had to take regular breaks to keep from being dehydrated.  It actually rained overnight, so all the water we filled with debris came back.  We rode a tap-tap, which is like a truck converted into a taxi, and we sit on benches in the back.  The road to the house we were working on was almost impassable, because of the rain water basically converted the road into a river.  We decided to just push through and luckily we didn’t get stuck in the water.

The second day I went out with a couple team members to play and hang out with a group of kids, and then we shared with them the Creole tract, and went through the tract with them.  It was so neat to hear all these kids from 5-14ish reading the Bible verses in unison from the tract.  It may have been their first time every hear about the Gospel, and the thing about the Gospel is it holds power in itself, and we only need to be obedient and just tell the Gospel to those we meet.  I think there were 14 or 15 kids there that actually professed their faith and prayed the salvations prayer.  So praise God that we will see those kids in Heaven.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have Bible’s in Creole, but we told them to go to the local church that we were partnering with to clean up and demo the house we were at.  We continued to sing songs with them, and praised God right at the site.

Just before lunch, a little kid came up to me and I swear he looked so much like my sponsor child in Mozambique (his name is Bebito Pepa).  I took a picture with him, and he just sort of stuck around me during lunch and afterwards he picked up a shovel and started helping….it was soooo cute.  His name was Luis Alberto and I couldn’t catch his last name so I say his last name is Bebito =)

During a break in the afternoon, I was talking to a Haitian person, and all of a sudden he was asking me why did I come to Haiti, and I said basically that I wanted to help Haiti because it is in so much need.  And he seemed confused and asked “but why Haiti?”  I was caught off guard by his question, because I didn’t really realize that I could have gone anywhere else in the world to help those in need, so what made Haiti the place to go???  I responded to him that I follow where ever God calls me to go, and  felt called to come here to Haiti.  My answer seemed to satisfy me, but it didn’t dawn on me that he WASN’T a Haitian worker with our team like I thought he was (because his English was mediocre).  I don’t know if this man knows God personally, but I hope my answers and testimony of being there helped give him hope in God.

We quit work at about 2:30, but we got a lot of the debris cleaned up and moved.  there was still some rebars to cut and take down but we didn’t have the proper tools to do any of that, so there wasn’t much we else we could do.  I had ONE yellow disaster relief shirt for the ENTIRE week….so I had to hand wash it every day after we worked.

I can’t remember any encouraging sharing’s during dinner or our team debriefing, I forgot to bring my journal back home with me today.  I do remember that we sung worship songs again in the kitchen with the travel guitar.  It was a great time of worship.

Sorry my post is a little short today, since I didn’t have my journal with me, I didn’t remember anything else for the day.  Enjoy the pictures though, and if there are any important updates for day four I will edit this post!

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