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The roller-coaster ride of life (Part 1)

August 1st, 2009

Ecclesiastes 3:11 – “He has made everything appropriate in its time.”

Sometimes it is just amazing how God allows things to happen at the right moment and at the right time…  It’s like a good parent who finds the opportune time to teach their children, and their children will be changed because of it.  Think about it…people don’t change unless they realize they need to change, and it would be pointless to teach someone who believes they are doing everything right.  But somehow, through experiences, their pride is stripped away and suddenly, they realize what they’ve been doing was walking down the wrong path.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason!  I know sometimes life has its ups and downs, and sometimes we wonder why in the world God would let bad things happen…  Why can’t we just experience good times, since God is a good Father.  Well, I think the answer lies within the first paragraph…  God IS a loving Father, no doubt, but the fact that he created such a wide variety of emotions that are conjured up doing events shows just how creative, unique and thoughtful He is.  He really has made everything appropriate in its time!  Imagine a perfect world where everyone had perfect and good-looking bodies, everyone is smart, nobody fights, no divorces, tempature is always at 72 degrees, etc…  (Why wouldn’t He create a world like that?!)  If God created the world like that, He would NOT be glorified because nothing will point back to Him.  Nobody will experience times of need, where God will swoop in and rescue souls.  No one will experience great joy because everyone is pretty much the same, and thus will not praise God for His hand working in situations.  People wouldn’t need God…  They wouldn’t have a teachable heart.  So while the ideal world sounds nice, it would really be a boring, emotionless, and pointless type of living…  As I am sitting here just thinking about this, I can’t stop thinking about how much God desires a relationship with me, and will use “drama” in my life to teach me,mold me, and ultimately to show me that He loves me.  So when I am on a mountain top (good times) in life, I will praise God, and when I am in the trough (bad times) I will still prasie God.  It’s like that song from Casting Crowns: “Praise You In This Storm”.  No matter what, we can’t give up in situations, because EVERYTHING happens for a reason!

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