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Summer’s Over! =(

September 15th, 2007 Comments off

Well, I’m packing up once again and leaving back to LA today….

I can’t believe how incredibly fast this summer went by.? It is probably because I was practically working everyday since I came back to SJ.? It only seems like yesterday that I was packing kitchen things in boxes to be stored for about two and a half months.

For those of you who have been following our kitchen remodeling, I have to say, Greg and I (and the rest of the family too) put a TON of work into it, literally sacrificing pretty much everything else to get this kitchen done.? Yet, we were unable to finish everything we wanted to do (mainly the backsplash tiles and some finishing work for the cabinets).? Even though the kitchen is still yet to be completed, it is fully functional AND still looks incredibly beautiful!? I still?can’t believe we were the ones who created it.? If you saw how our old kitchen looked (you can look at the gallery), our newly remodeled kitchen is?a THOUSAND times better, and A LOT more space than before.

I do have pictures, but I am?NOT going to post any recent ones just yet.? I will save that pleasure for those of you who wish to see the kitchen in person.? But, if you absolutely must see how it turned out, contact me… =)

Alright, I still have lots of packing to do…


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