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Updated Kitchen Pics!

July 19th, 2007 Comments off

Updated Kitchen pictures on the gallery.

Also, click the “Kitchen!” link above to view a log of each day.

Thank You ALL!

July 7th, 2007 1 comment

Thanks to all who called, left voicemail, left messages on myspace/facebook, texted, e-mailed, IMed, e-card, and hung out with me today…er yesterday… for my birthday!

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The End of an Era!

July 6th, 2007 Comments off

Yup… the end of Greg’s long hair has finally come to an end… I think the heat got to him….? It is still not as short as mine, but it is MUCH MUCH shorter than he usually cuts it.? Sorry,?you can’t really see his shaved head?anyways.? So without further ado:

BTW:? We don’t look like this, we are just extremely tired from all the kitchen work.? Greg’s starting to to get crossed eyed because he is focusing on hitting nails too hard, while I’m still astonised that greg let me shave his head Surprised.

Anyways, so much has happened!?

After?dropping off my mom and sister at the departure drop off lane at SJO Airport, our van just decided it didn’t want to start.? Fine, we fought back by calling in the courtesy service car to jump our van, but for some reason the van just didn’t want to start.? After about 30 minutes of the guy trying to figure out why, the Airport Traffic attendant kindly asked us to get our van towed ASAP, or else the police will impound it…? So we rushed to get a tow truck out and tow our truck back to our house.? (The attendent was actually super nice about it…man a?car that won’t start at the airport is just about the worst place for your car to break down…)? Anyways, the tow truck came and pulled it on teh bed.? The tow truck only had one seat for a passenger, yet there were three of us: me , my dad, and my bro.? So we all had to squish in there for about a 30 minute ride.? When we got to our house, my butt and legs were so sleepy, i fell down to the ground as I was getting out.? The tow truck driver was actually pretty nice.? I felt bad for him because he was suppose to go home, but his company made him tow our car and off-set his schedule by an hour to an hour and a half.? We gave him some extra tip in the end though.? That was a little fiasco on Tuesday…

Watched Transformers!!!? IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!? I won’t ruin it, but GO WATCH IT NOW!? I’m not really a hardcore fan, but saw it opening day, and what was really weird is Greg and I were the first one’s in the waiting line for our showing since we were like an 1 hour early.? We were expecting a much longer line…? Oh well, we got good seats. =)

Also saw Fantastic 4, nothing compared to Transformers, but worth mentioning. haha

Alright…I’m done for today.

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Tired + Kitchen Update

July 2nd, 2007 1 comment

Sorry that I’ve been behind on updating the pictures on the gallery.? I’m just so dead tired each day after?we finish working.? Sometimes, we don’t even quit until 9pm…Frown? Right now we are in the process?completing the gas line?to where the new range will be, adding the new wood frames for the raised ceiling and to-be-installed-skylights, and electrical/lighting.? Up next is redoing the plumbing and then putting?sheetrock everywhere.? Once all that is done, the majority of the hard jobs?will be complete.? Then it will start looking like our new kitchen!? MUHAHAHAHAHAH!!! (*INSERT DIABOLICAL LAUGH***)? Ok…? that’s just the tiredness talking… night.

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