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It’s finally starting to hit me…

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Ok, I’ve decided NOT to embed gallery?into my themes, because it is way too much work.? For now, the Photos link above links to the family gallery which is more for the general viewing audience.? I will still post photos on my site, but no gallery for me.? Too much to update Cool.

Amy has decided to try out WordPress!? She now uses her own blog instead of Xanga (which has annoying?ADs).? If you ask nicely, I will tell you the link to her site!? Haha…jk? Click here for her website.

BTW: if you use WordPress, EditorMonkey is the BEST plugin EVER!

Please pray for Greg, as he has been throwing up all day today!Surprised


So for the past few weeks, I have been Window framing.? This is what it looks like unpainted.
Window Frame

Pretend this is how the window used to look, with no frames.? (This is one of our bathroom windows that I will be doing this week)
Unframed Window

And this is how 6 out of 10 windows will look like when everything is finished.? The other 4 are just sheetrock.
Finished Frame

BTW, where the drums is in the lower left corner, is where I currently sleep.? And that chair, is where I am sitting nowLaughing.

OK, gtg.? Work to be done tomorrow.


February 7th, 2006 3 comments

Fell off a ladder today… :cry:

*Edit – ya, I’m ok, just my left side hurts.? Praise God!? I fell pretty high too…

Updated layout.? Gallery does not work :(.? Check out the shoutbox ——>

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WordPress 2.01 and new Theme

February 1st, 2006 Comments off

Testing to see if crossianga works.? much layout editing to do for the theme… i am going to simplify it a lot

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