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November 30th, 2005 3 comments

0 more days of school

My EX-To Do List

12/04/05 – ASTRO Lab – Lab Report #12
12/06/2005 – ENGL 1B – In-Class Essay #2
12/12/2005 – Astro Lab – Lab Report #13
12/12/2005 – ENGL 1C – Rough Draft Paper #4 (100%)
12/13/2005 – ECON – Problem Set #3
12/13/2005 – ENGL 1B – English Research Paper 1st Draft (100%)
12/14/2005 – ETH – Writting Response #8 (100%)
12/14/2005 – ENGL 1C – Peer edit 3 papers
12/16/2005 – ENGL 1C – Final Paper #4 (100%)
12/19/2005 – ETH – Wrtting Response #9 (100%)
12/19/2005 – ASTRO Lab – Lab Report #14 (100%)
12/19/2005 – ASTRO – Extra Credit Presentation
12/19/2005 – ASTRO Lab – Lab Report #15
12/20/2005 – ECON – Essay Exam
12/20/2005 – ENGL 1B – Reading Assignment
12/20/2005 – ENGL 1B – In-Class Essay #3
12/20/2005 – ENGL1B ???? Rewrite Essay (100%)
12/20/2005 – ENGL 1B – Research Paper (100%)
12/21/2005 – ETH – Written Family History Project (100%)
12/21/2005 – ASTRO – Research Paper (100%)
12/21/2005 – ASTRO – Final
12/21/2005 – ETH – Final In-Class Essay
12/22/2005 – ECON – Final Exam


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November 23rd, 2005 Comments off

I can’t believe there is only 4 weeks of school left. That sounds like a lot, but it seems like yesterday I started school.

Well, I’m glad the hardest weeks are over! :mrgreen:
Had two midterms and finished my paper just ten minutes ago

Now I’m looking at 3 term papers, 2 more essays, and then finals… Haha, this never ends…

Current Pages I have written since this semester started:
73 pages :shock:
expecting at least 25 more pages for the last essays and term papers…

A word of advice, never take two english classes together, unless you like to write a lot.

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God is Good!

November 17th, 2005 5 comments

Wow…awesome story…. These past two weeks have been the hardest of this semester with no doubt. I just did an oral presentation that was worth 25% of my final grade, had an essay for one English class, two midterms coming up this week, another essay I am currently working on, one term paper due pretty soon, and mucho readings to do and catch up on… I am super super stressed and need to take a break. I started thinking of a song that was played on KLove this morning and it got stuck in my head. (The only part I could remember was the last line of the chorus “I need you to fall down”) I had to find out what song it was and tried searching on the Klove site forever seeing if it was on the Top Songs List. No luck… I tried Google, as that is the place I find many answers too, but my searching techniques seem to be diminishing with all this work… Alas, my last resort was to see if Klove would play it on the air again so I was going to listen to Klove online for a while…. When the window pops up and Klove starts playing, the song “Fall Down” by Trevor Morgan JUST began… (The song I heard this morning). It may be coincidence to you, but for me, I believe God is watching over me, letting me know he is always there. He knows how stressed I was, and to top it off, this song is about calling to Him for help, know he is the only one that CAN. :wink: Whatever struggles you may be going through, take comfort knowing He is there with you. God does not give you more than you can handle, and I believe it is these moments that God molds and shapes us into who we are today.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging. Psalm 46:1-3

Fall Down by Trevor Morgan,
Sony/ATV Milene Music (ASCAP) and Eric Quiram, Yawn Be Gone Publishing (ASCAP) administered by Fun Attic Music / Haley’s Dream
What can I say
That you’ve never heard
What can I offer you
Where can I go
That you’ve never been
That you won’t lead me through

Take my words, hear my cry
Only you can satisfy

Fall down on me
Drop me to my knees
Pour over me
Deeper than the sea
Rain on me
With love until I drown
I need you to fall down

If I had one place
Just one place to be
I’d be at your feet
If I had one prayer
I know what I’d pray
I’d ask you to fall down on me

Take my prayer, hear my cry
Only you can satisfy
I’ll leave you guys with this cool Tee i saw today:

Well, back to my paper, with much less stress and more of a smile on my face :grin:

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I Wish…

November 13th, 2005 Comments off

Went to the Autoshowinmotion on saturday with dad. Comment if you want more info…:cool:

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Random Pictures!

November 6th, 2005 4 comments

Well, I thought it would be good to take a break from all these papers…

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasures…

Once, Greg and I used to fight all the time, (ok we still do, but that’s more rough housing…)

If you must know…I am the one crying….
*** AND…ther isn’t much difference in Greg’s hair from today…

Now we are best buds!

and…. this is what our backyard used to look like…

sorry, I don’t have pics of current backyard. If I find one, I’ll post it.

Anyways, we are in the process of digitizing all our analog pictures into the computer, so we’ve been slowly organizing all our prints, and I found these “treasures” that I wanted to share with you all…

Probably more to come soon!!! :cool:

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