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August 22nd, 2005

Wow! This past weekend was crazy!!! Drove down to LA on friday morning, went to cousins 21st b-day party, wedding all day saturday, and then came home sunday. I’m not going to tell you every detail this time, but I will post some pics up! :mrgreen: Besides, pictures can tell a thousand words, I just have to explain a little…hahah. Anyways before I get to the weekend pictures. Here is a picture that I took of a snake in our backyard while cleaning up snake Here is the Phileo camping trip group photo. Haha, yes I know it’s a little bit low, but Ronald’s should be perfect! Group Pic Ok so while driving down to LA we saw the funniest thing on the back of the truck. Truck My cousins b-day party! Me and my AB (Arm Buddy!) Me and Julia The party had a Las Vegas theme, and I came dressed like this…. Nick Here is all my cousins on my moms side! We actually got a pic together! YAY! Cousins OK, now to the wedding, this is a family pic with the bride and the groom. Family Picture Me Amy and Greg in front of the hotel where the reception was held at. Siblings I caught the garter (is that how it’s spelled?). Actually, this was not my first time catching it…. Anyways took a pic with my dad’s cousins, Nelly (the bride) and Tina (her sister), and cousin-in-law, Mitch. Hmm, if they are my dad’s cousins, what does that make them to me??? I always called them my cousins…heheh Wedding Garter This is a pic of a tree inside the hotel. I just thought it was a nice pic. Tree That’s all for now. Soon I will be redoing my whole site layout, and probably add the rest of all these pictures into my gallery. BTW Phileo, I have compressed all the pictures and most videos onto one CD. So you will be getting those this friday! (They include the most recent camping trip pictures!):mrgreen: