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Summer school over!

July 28th, 2005 Comments off

Summer school is over!!! WEeeeeEeeEEEeeeEeeEeeeeeee:razz:

Anyways, added a small update to my site. You can subscribe to my site so you will be notified by e-mail when I update or post. You can click the link to the right under Meta, “Subscribe” or you can use this form for now:


If you want to unsubscribe, you have to click that link to the right. I’m trying to find a plugin so it will e-mail you the post, and not just a notification. If any of you seen that for WordPress, let me know.:mrgreen:

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Random Updates

July 25th, 2005 Comments off
  • Red Jeep is now running! Now we have to switch/ transfer a lot of parts from the white to the red one
  • Summer school is almost over! You probably won’t see me on AIM this week since I’ll be studying like heck for final this thursday. Need to catch up on a lot of reading too.:sad:
  • Went swimming on Friday at Hotel Valencia (very nice hotel BTW) and got water stuck in my ears. (Swimmers Ear) It felt really really weird, and I could barely hear anything or anyone. Saturday and sunday was like that as weel, so it was hard to play drums for worship team, and couldn’t hear anyone talking to me… It was getting a little better on Sunday afternoon, like I could hear a lot better, but…..(read on)
  • Matt’s Party – (Happy Birthday Matt!) Went to Matt’s party in the afternoon. Played b-ball, tennins, and wasn’t planning to go swimming because of swimmers ear, BUT Timothy pushed me in… Twice! After the first time, I got out of the pool and tried to dry off, but Tim came along and tried to push me in again, but this time I fought back. I managed to eascape from his grasp three times and pushed him in instead (I even swung around the handrail that goes into the pool, which I was amazed that I did:shock:). I could hear every going OOoooOooo, hahah, but all I was concentrating on was getting away from Tim. Finally, he got me up on his shoulder, but I still resisted by holding on to the gates for my dear life, and then I saw people coming to help Tim so I gave up and let go :cool:. I was actually pushed in 4 times, but after the second it didn’t matter cuz I was already wet. Oh well, it was hot that day and it was nice and refreshing :cool:. More push-ins and pool fun. Once again I got swimmers ear, but this time only in my left ear, and I still can’t hear at all in the left. Probably have to go to the doctors of something. Anyways, dinner was great! So many people and enough food for everyone :mrgreen:. I was sitting and relaxing with Ronald and Derek looking out into the amazing view from Matt’s backyard. After dinner sang happy birthday to Matt, and was sitting down watching through his kitchen window (like a gigantic big screen tv) when Matt got caked (I don’t know what else to call it) Started a whole war… Didn’t get to stay for the whole party :cry: cuz had summer school today, so left around 10:45.
  • Today, I am soooo sore and tired. I’m so out of shape. During class, couldn’t hear the teacher at all! (Water still in there…) I’m glad I was able to respond when he called roll. During class I just read the book not even paying attention to the teacher, and then left early since I couldn’t hear him anyways.:eek:

Alright that’s enough, gotta studyyyy now

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Operation Jeep

July 16th, 2005 Comments off

[Edit] Current Status: Bad engine is out of the red jeep, we cleaned the engine bay so now it looks sooo nice :mrgreen:, and Greg my dad and I (I decided to help since it was sooo hot…)pulled out the engine in the white jeep and put it in the red one. Dad got one of those canopy’s (which helped enormously… and one of those misters. :razz:. Anyways, now we have to hook everything up and see if it works!:lol: [/Edit] So the last few days, been working in the HOT heat with bro trying to swap the engines of our two Jeeps. Here are some pics. jeep/ On different note, yesterday Phileo led the children’s program! That was fun haha… got to make the freshman do stuff, and had a fun time playing with the kids. During the lesson, a few of us (I will not mention their names!) TPied the seniors cars! Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah (according to Matt, the more haha’s you put the more you are really laughing or think its funny) That was an unforgettable experience since it was my first time ever doing something like that. I felt so bad, but it was so fun! We ended helping them clean it up… What took us an hour to TP and saran wrap their cars took a mere 5 minutes to clean up… Anyways, pics and video (you’ll get to see the culprits…) coming soon! For now study time!!!

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Summer Update

July 12th, 2005 2 comments

[EDIT] Oh Yea, got a new phone for my b-day! Slowly adding back all my numbers. Sorry, I missed sooo many calls, cuz I always forget to turn the phone back on from silence mode when I’m at school. I don’t want my phone to ring during cuz he’s the teacher that will come over and answer the phone personally and tell the person who is calling never to call back again… So if it’s not me that anwsers, then hang up! hahaha

Sorry haven’t updated in a long time… but I have been pretty busy since summer school started.

Here are some things that have happened in the past few weeks:

Started History 17B for summer school last tues, and that class is intense. I should have know compressing a 16 week class into a 3 week class would mean LOTS of reading/homework/and studying. And I realized a 3 hour class IS long… It will all be over in like 10 days tho…:neutral:

The weekend of July 4th had sooo many parties! :mrgreen: 1st one was for a graduation dinner, the second was a birthday dancing party, and the last was for 4th of July family get together. These were all on my dads side of the family so I got to see a lot of relatives that I havne’t seen for a long time :wink:.

We also got another Jeep! This one is pretty much useless cuz the engine blew up. One piston is gone, and there is a hole in the engine and holes in the oil pan. We bought it cuz our other Jeep’s body is actually crooked. I’ll update one that more laters as we figure out what we are going to do. But right now, the Jeep (the non-working one) is sitting in out driveway and we just recently took it apart to see the damage.

Last Sunday was Praise Night. Thanks Kinson for putting that together! It turned out well, lots of people came and had a great time just praising God. I was doing sound. I’m actually not a good sound person… so my brother and Abel and Mike were in the back helping me. I just “know” how to work the sound board but have very hard time EQing everything so it sounds nice :cool:. Well, I’m just thankful that there were no loud high-pitched peircing feedbacks :mrgreen:. After praise night went with a group out to dinner in Mountain View. Ended up walking like 8 or 9 blocks away from where our car was parked to a pizza place. I was already tired so I was walking slow, and I was dozing off during dinner… I didnt’ even eat hahah :???:

Yea… lately I’ve had weird sleeping patterns… I can’t seem to sleep past 8am anymore :sad: I don’t even have to go to school until 10:30, and I usually sleep around 2, and wake up at random times during the night.

Well, back to studying :razz: