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Crazy Basket Ball Shots

June 28th, 2005

Ok, I was able to download the video via composite cables and my tv tuner… (firewire port still doesn’t work :cry:)

They will all be links cuz I don’t want to load them on the page and kill your internet:wink: It might be better to right-click and save as.

1) The first one is an edited video (slowed down so you can see the ball go into the hoop..) About as far as half court.
Click here to View the Video

2) Here’s a much better video of me making that shot. (In total, I made 9 of those shoots. Ok Ok… out of like 100 tries) Again about as far as half court
Click here to View the Video

3) Here’s one of Greg. Can’t see him very well, and in no way did we do any camera tricks. (Ironically we were doing that in the first place, but he made it without even trying) Half court.
Click here to View the Video

4) This is my cousin trying to shoot from where I shot, but ends up making the basket the wrong way. :shock: He did make it before but I accidentally recorded over it :oops:
Click here to View the Video

5) Here’s another one of my cousin making a ridiculously far shot. He went over the side of the house. Probably as far as 3/4 of a basket ball court.
Click here to View the Video

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