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Crazy Basket Ball Shots

June 28th, 2005 Comments off

Ok, I was able to download the video via composite cables and my tv tuner… (firewire port still doesn’t work :cry:)

They will all be links cuz I don’t want to load them on the page and kill your internet:wink: It might be better to right-click and save as.

1) The first one is an edited video (slowed down so you can see the ball go into the hoop..) About as far as half court.
Click here to View the Video

2) Here’s a much better video of me making that shot. (In total, I made 9 of those shoots. Ok Ok… out of like 100 tries) Again about as far as half court
Click here to View the Video

3) Here’s one of Greg. Can’t see him very well, and in no way did we do any camera tricks. (Ironically we were doing that in the first place, but he made it without even trying) Half court.
Click here to View the Video

4) This is my cousin trying to shoot from where I shot, but ends up making the basket the wrong way. :shock: He did make it before but I accidentally recorded over it :oops:
Click here to View the Video

5) Here’s another one of my cousin making a ridiculously far shot. He went over the side of the house. Probably as far as 3/4 of a basket ball court.
Click here to View the Video

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LA – Palm Springs in a Very BIG Nut Shell

June 23rd, 2005 Comments off

*UPDATED 6-26-05
:shock:This is going to be a long entry (have been slowly working on it day by day) I will keep publishing a little bit at a time.:shock:

Friday and Saturday June 10th and 11th, 2005
Packed, cleaned, left house around 10:00. Tried to find a place that was still opened because we didn’t eat dinner. Finally wound up in Denny’s in Gilroy. Finished dinner and left for L.A. at 12:30. I was already tried and slept pretty much the whole way. Greg drove all the way before the “Grape Vines” and stoped at Petro at 3:30. We hung out there for an hour and Amy drove the rest of the way. We got to our aunts house at 6am and took a short nap till around 8. Then we all left to go to my cousins graduation at Cal Poly Pomona! :mrgreen: (Congrats Bui-jeh!)
The speaker said not to applaude or yell and such while they were calling names, but when my cousin’s name was called our whole family started yelling and blowing our aair horns, and popping poppers and all that good stuff. After the graduation we all went back to my aunts house for a celebration lunch. That was cool, took lots of pics. Helped cleaned up after it was over and played basketball for a while. Made these ridiculous shots from so far away. I have video for it, but can’t download to my computer…:cry: Anyways most of us “cousins” went out to BJ’s for dinner. Had a chocolate chip cookie pazooki! yummmmy… I think that was it for that day…

Sunday June 12th, 2005
Woke up around the time earthquake #1 happened. Got ready to goto CGBC left around 9:30 and watched their Youth Ensemble practice for youth sunday. Their youth sunday was put together very well…and all the youth did a very good job (they lead everything from ushers to speakers). You all should be proud of yourselves :smile:. After church was over Greg and my plans afterwards where changed at least 3 times in less than 10 minutes. We just got the lunch that CGBC provides and was quickly taken to go to Banana Bay for lunch with one of my uncles family and grandma. One of my cousins (his youngest daughter) was also baptized that day and that lunch was to celebrate that. Had some time to rest after lunch, and then went to another cousins piano recital. He i s an extremely talented piano player, and just going into high school. GOOD JOB RICHARD! :cool: After the recital pretty much my whole moms side of the family went to a sushi place called Little Tokyo minus one of my aunts family. :sad: The food there is great! Pretty cheap compared to SJ. This dinner was to celebrate every occasion that was happening… (Graduations(4), baptism, recital, and anniversary). After the dinner went back to my aunts house and that’s pretty much it.

[UPDATE – sorry going to do the rest in short descriptions]

Palm Springs stayed at a resort called Palm Canyon.
First day, played volleyball at gym, swam, then went cruizin around Palm Springs. wound up at the Marriot that “Saved by the Bell” did a few episodes at. That resort was soooooooooooo nice! Took the boat ride to Lake View (restaurant) then back to our resort to play some pool.
Second day went to the atv site to check it out, decided to come back later. Cruized around more, and wound up at the Veggie Tea House for lunch. After lunch, went to the nearby theater to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith. After the movie went to Cold Stones and cooled off. It was HOT! Went shopping for groceries, and went back to the resort to cook dinner and rest, watch tv, and slept early.
Third day woke up ealry, went out to IHOP’s for breakfast, and then went ATVing! That was sooooo fun! Have some video too :mrgreen:. After ATVing went to Costco and back to the resort to play volleyball in the gym. Went back to the room and rested again and then we went out to dinner to try Brazillian food at Picanha. Pretty interesting way to eat, they bring out many types of meat and ask if you want it. They give you a piece or slice and its all you can eat. After dinner, cruized around a bit more before heading back to the resort. Watched more tv and rested again and finally crashed :smile:.
Last day (Thursday morning) cooked breakfast at our room, and left/ checked out aroung 10:30. Drove up the mountian to the famous Palm Springs Arieal Tramway. Took lots of pics, and back on our way to L.A. Oh yea, first time seeing road runner birds. Smaller than I thought, but got on pic of that. If thre’s anything you want in more detail, just ask me :lol:

Back in L.A. ….
Went to Costco to buy aunt a present, and the Pho for lunch. (We were all kinda of sick and needed some soup :neutral: That’s were we felt earthquake #4. (#2 and 3 were in norther Cal. with the tsunami warning). Went back to aunts house. Again attempted some crazy shots on cousins b-ball hoop… and this time recorded them! Hopefully i can show you all videos soon :lol:. Then went to dinner with almost whole side of moms family. Then went to uncle’s house, and back to aunts house to sleeeeeeeeep :wink:.

Friday June 17th, 2005
Went out to breakfast with cousins and spent the day with them :cool:. Went to Rose Hills (cemetery) to visit grandfather, and other relatives. You can see pictures of that in the gallery. Went to lunch at Olive Garden, and then to uncle’s house, then to otherr uncle’s house said goodbyes :cry: to almost everyone… Then went to other aunts house who lives near Manhattan Beach for dinner with them.

Saturday June 18th, 2005
Last breakfast at aunts house and left around 10. Ran into some major traffic coming home, but its ok… got home safetly. Stopped off at Harris Ranch for lunch. Got home around 5. And that marks the end of our vacation and visit to L.A. :sad:

During this whole trip, i didn’t drive once :oops: (except for ATVing)

That’s all you can look at pictures now, if they don’t make sense ask me :lol:

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Photos Uploaded

June 21st, 2005 Comments off

Wow….been pretty busy since I got back…

Anyways organized all our pics that we took from last week (over a 1000! :shock: Now you know why it took so long for me to get them up :lol:)
So I have one album for LA visit, and Palm Springs vacation.



If you want to view a slide show just go into the album you want to seee and click click the nice little “+” next to Album Title at the top
And Click the drop down menu and select “view slideshow” (I don’t recommend the full screen because my images are not full quality)

Now I just have to do an update for the trip…

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June 19th, 2005 Comments off

Back from L.A. / Palm Springs!
Sorry no update yet as I was not feeling well today :sad:…
Anyways I’ll post something later with lots of pictures and, um, videos… :mrgreen:

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Past Week

June 10th, 2005 Comments off

So in the past week Greg and I washed our 4 newest cars (Protege, Altima, Montana, and Mazda3) in that order. When I say washed I mean we did a really really good job on them trying to get them as smooth as when we bought them from the dealers. So it took about 1 1/2 to two days for each car… Now they are all super slick :mrgreen::cool::razz::lol::eek::wink:
All I have to say is, if you have oxidation on your car (meaning when you run you hands over the paint and its rough) then use a clay bar. That works so nice!

Here’s the steps we took for each car:
1) Vacuumed inside, washed car mats
2) Washed as thorough as possible and dry. With high concentration of car wash.
3) Took out tar and bug goo
4) Clay Bar
5) Klasse All-In-One paint cleaner, polisher, and syntheic car wax
6) Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze
7) Pure Carnauba wax
8) Liquid Gloss (This stuff is great! A hard clear acrylic coat which is supposed to last forever. It even protects paint from chips from rocks and stuff…)
9) 404 Aerospace on vinyl, plastics, and rubber parts (UV protection against fading…)
10) Clean windows
11) Interior
12) Tire shine!

Um I also got the Phileo gallery up. It’s a little bit messy, so you can also go here as well. :wink:

It didn’t seem like there was a lot of things going on this week, but I had a lot of things to do. I stayed up late (2-3 am pretty much everyday and woke up around 8. Plus so many things on my mind it was hard to sleep…
Have you ever had a dream where it was sooooooo sad that you cried? Like only a few tears, and you are consience enough to feel those tears rolling down your cheek. Ya.. .I had one of those dreams last night…:cry:…

Well on a more happy note, vacation starts today! First L.A. for grad, then lots of dinners / gatherings, and then Palm Springs on Monday to about Saturday or Sunday. Then Monday summer school :sad:. There goes my summer break…

Oh yea… CONGRATS to all those who are graduating! (Both HS and College :razz:)

“Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things.”

–Phil, 4:8

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