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April 8th, 2005


Upgraded from Comcast High Speed Internet ( 3000 kbps download / 400 kbps upload ) and went back to dsl from http://www.dslextreme.com ( 6000 kbps download / 608 kbps upload ). I got a really good deal from DSLExtreme, and not sure if they are still offering it. Basically I have 5 static IP addresses, and only paying about $15 more than cable, but double the download and a little bit faster upload. (Ours is month to month at $59.95 and guaranteed price freeze, which means it will never change as long as I stay with them.) Plus they have very good sales / tech /and general support. Live chat! Something that SBC doens’t have, maybe because they are too big. PLus SBC doesn’t offer a 6Mbit plan…
At first we were getting around normal DSL speeds when I did some speed tests, but after an SBC guy came and did some work, we are getting much faster speeds! Latest speed test from dslreports is 4553 / 508 kbps. That’s pretty darn close, especially if I live around 14,000 feet from the CO! That’s the highest speed so far, but a BIG difference from cable internet, especially the upload.

So if you guys get DSL from DSLExtreme let me know! They may have offers if I refer you to them.

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