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New room!

April 28th, 2005 Comments off

Spent most of today redoing my room. I custom built 3 shelves and made another desk. Now my room looks more like an office with a bed :mrgreen: Here are some pics. Sorry bad quality…

Shot from doorway looking in. The whole right wall I did today. (All the shevles that are white)

My new desk! :grin:. My desk space has icreased by like 1000%!!! hahah

My bed, nightstand and dresser drawer Room looks so much more spacier if you have seen it before…


April 21st, 2005 Comments off

I’m going to be adding a TON of pictures / albums in my gallery very soon. (I’m still organizing and taking out bad pictures) I only got throught half so far.

But as I was browsing through around 20,000 pictures, I have to say that I have some pretty good “kodak” moments… you know the ones where you can use as blackmail…. :mrgreen: Haha… don’t worry I’m not going to show them….

Anyways….look forward to many new pictures in the photos link :wink:

Edit – BTW what do you guys think of the new layout? Any comments or suggestions?

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Camp Hamer (SAC) Update

April 18th, 2005 11 comments

It’s not everything I typed out the first time, mostly what I could remember… If I remember anything else, I’ll post…

*EDIT – sorry no pics from me…. I didn’t bring a camera

Well, I guess A LOT of you are waiting for me to post “PHILEO RULES!!!” :cool: so you Crossroaders :roll: can comment “TRAITOR!” but I’m not going to cuz Mike and Terence knows it’s true! Muhahahahahahaah. :mrgreen: Ok ok… Crossroads RULES too! I miss Crossroads and you all sooo much, but I’ll get to see some of you senoirs (WHOOHOO!) this summer! :lol: Yay!!!!

So this weekend was EXACTLY what I needed. I just needed to get away from all these distractions I have and hear what God has to teach me. Camp brought back soooo many past Camp Hammer memories, and made many new ones this time. Thanks Mike for opening up this camp to the Phileans.

I don’t know where to begin, so much to say and still meditating on a lot of what Pastor John talked about.

Well, first off, I want to thank Amy Y., Dc. Sam, and Greg for coming and showing our Phileo pride! Good bonding times together… Hope we can continue to grow together in Christ!

Also, a BIG thanks to ALL the Crossroads counselors, for all that you hae done for the youth ministries… Especially Mike! I know how much you have to do and put up with, so major props to you! :cool:.

I guess what I learned most about Pastor John was not what I learned that impacted me most (if that makes any sense…) It’s what am I going to DO about what I learned. So what I am going to DO is read His word more! I want to memorize the whole book of Ephesians, because someday, it WILL be useful…

Had a great time with the team games, GO BLACK TEAM!!! hahah I still can’t believe we got “Larry the Cucumber” as a Christian artist… And I got super sore from carrying Amanda downhill, and uphill because I was weak…. Ask Derek, I was seriously shaking while eating lunch, and so slowly…

Oh yea, Greg and I played Pastor Gary AND Pastor John in Foosball, and we got SLAUHGTERED! It was over in under 5 minutes! We didn’t stand a chance…. Oh well, at least we scored two points! :lol:

Had lots of time to jam and sing songs, and I really like the Camp Hammer theme song, so props to those who helped write it. Some other songs that really captured me during worship were Unfailing Love and Glory… great songs…

Camp Fire sharing – That was just such an encouraging time… I was thankful for that because I got to say my goodbye to Pastor Gary and Tracy, and for EVERYTHING they have done for Crossroads and for me as well. I think PG was one of the most influencial person in my life and I am so grateful that God allowed him and family to come to CBCSJ for a while. So THANKS again PG and Tracy if you are reading this. :wink:

BAD – (Brothers Appreciation Dinner) Great job to all the sisters who prepared for that night, it was just awesome! As Mike said, we had the BEST servers! haha It was weird and humbling at the same time though, because I’m use to serving others, and not used to others serving me like that. So felt really appreciatied! I do feel bad for Donna, who served Jeff…. I don’t think I need to add anything else to that…hahah… But, seriously, thanks for the wonderful night! BTW Melody, Oxi-Clean works super well with dressing staings :wink:!.

And sorry for ALL those who I didn’t get to write on your encouragement cards! I can’t write that fast hahah and there were too many for me…

Hmm…I know I want to say more, but I’ll post that maybe later today…

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April 18th, 2005 Comments off

Awwwww…. I typed out almost my whole entry about camp hammer, and my computer suddenly restarted…. :cry: It was so long too… Um, it might take a while for me to write it up again…

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School Update

April 14th, 2005 1 comment

Well, I’m finished with all my midterms, but it still feels like I have to do something else. Like what Pastor Harrison talked about when he talked about stress. So I guess I’m still stressed, but I don’t know what I have to do… Today after got home from school I took a nice long nap. Then I brought our ping-pong table (that we haven’t played on for ages) into the patio room. There is actually enough room to play in there! Played a long time, and now I’m tired… haha

When I did my speech on wednesday, apprenlty I did it so well that the teacher stood up and applauded and everyone in class now calles me coach. (I reenacted a scene from the movie Friday Night Lights, where the coach gave the pep talk in last half-time). Yay! I got an A+ on that speech tho!

Had two midterms today, History, and Economics. I think I did well on both, but I’m sooooooo mad at myself…. For my history midterm, our teacher gave us extra credit questions, AND I FORGOT TO ANSWER THEM!!! And what makes it more bad is they were super easy, but stupid questions too. One of them was “What are the ‘real identities’ of Batman, Superman, and Spiderman?” And another was who didn’t like to eat green eggs and ham…. I AM SOOO SERIOUS! He asked like 10 of those questions that didn’t even have to do with history! I could have got an extra 5 points, but noooooooo, I forgot to answer them…. sigh….:sad:.

Oh I also got a 100 on my nutrition midterm from last week! But I know I failed my Art midterm… I couldn’t remember Aritist’s names or the periods and styles… I could only remember the peinting names and what they were about.

Anyways this weekend is just what I need. I can’t wait:!:

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